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Automated Parking ExplainedAutomated parking systems are a fantastic reinvention of the traditional parking garage, combining the raw power of machinery with the efficiency of an assembly line controlled by computer systems to make the act of searching for a parking spot a thing of the past. These systems do all the work for you, allowing you to continue your day unimpeded. But, just how it works is both simple and complicated.
Here's how it functions;
  1. The driver approaches the automated parking port. These systems are typically customized to meet the desired look and feel that the owner or the other buildings in the area wish to maintain.
  2. The driver enters the car port. To assist the driver, multiple sensors, lights and even screens assist the driver in positioning the vehicle properly on the pad. This is really the only ‘effort' required by the driver to park their car. No more worries about causing damage to their or other cars.
  3. The driver turns off the car, takes the keys and exits the vehicle. The system does the rest of the parking duties.
  4. The driver goes to the nearby terminal and takes a parking "ticket” from the systems. This card is retained in order to retrieve the car at a later date and also to track time parked. Essentially, automated parking systems work like a valet service.
  5. The car is then lifted by the machinery which is computer guided to be flawless. The car is transported to the designated position, which means the car is taken vertical either up or down, and also horizontal, left or right to be delivered to its correct spot. Some systems can handle as many as 32 cars concurrently in motion.
Retrieving the car works just as easily as parking the car was;
  1. The driver will return to the car park and place their parking ticket into the machine.
  2. The screen will tell the driver how much they owe and then at which car port their car will be delivered to. Many systems have more than one car port allowing for more cars to be parked and retrieved concurrently.
  3. The automated parking system will then retrieve the car and deliver it in less than 3 minutes. In most cases, the system also includes a rotating feature to allow the driver to simply drive away rather than requiring backing up.
  4. The driver then can approach their car, enter it and drive away.
Automated parking systems are hassle free and designed with the driver in mind to make their experience with it superior to traditional car parks.
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